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New Tax Return Safeguard Strategies For 2015 & 2016

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

The exclusive purpose for the information which is provided from this website is to disseminate information, and not to provide tax advice. 

Both the individual states and the Internal Revenue Service have implemented new safeguards, standards, and preventive measures to both detect and prevent (from even occurring) tax return filing fraud.  At the state levels. some (but not all) states have begun to require that your driver’s license information be submitted electronically with your tax return – the issuing state, the driver’s license number, the date of issue, and the expiration date.  This information will be compared with the information in your tax return to use to detect whether or not a fraudulent tax return has been filed.  This is NOT the only preventive tool that will be used by the taxing authorities.  Your tax return software will remind you if this information is now required by your state.

Insofar as the IRS is concerned:  (more…)