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IRS Releases “Dirty Dozen” Scam List

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

The exclusive purpose for the information which is provided from this website is to disseminate information, and not to provide tax advice. 

There have been several posts on this same subject on this website.  While there is not a duplication of information that is being presented, there is often new and different information that should be shared via the Internet.  Supporting rationale for this decision include, but are not limited to:

1.  The “scammers” are using a multitude of different tactics with different degrees of “success” (from their perspective) for each of over twelve different methods in terms of both the resulting financial and emotional pain that is experienced or incurred by their taxpayer victims;

2.  The information and knowledge that is required to defeat these “scammers” has not reached many of the American taxpayers who need to have it.  If this were the case, their “success rate” would be near 0%;

3.  I am continuing to read of more instances of these scamming techniques being utilized in both the social media and the news media reports from the Internet;

4.  I am on the distribution list for information and tax updates e-mails from the Internal Revenue Service.  I am continuing to receive more e-mails on this same subject which has led me to conclude that the IRS also considers this to be an on-going, contemporary problem for many taxpayers. (more…)