Important Client Information

Clients should always be kept informed about any new changes in the tax laws that could affect their tax liability, including emerging tax law issues. There is also a very important requirement to share information that is either beneficial to clients or business owners that could affect their present or future business operations, or that will improve their financial posiition. Our clients should always have access to this information at the earliest possible point in time. This knowledge will facilitate the identification of opportunities to perform a review of the new facts, have subsequent discussions within their firm or with family members, and then perform further research (if needed). At the conclusion, clients will have the knowledge that is required to make critically important personal or business operations decisions. It is anticipated that they will then meet with their CPA, attorney, or financial planner to make the appropriate timely final decisions. In most situations these decisions will have both a significant financial and taxation impact.

The following information is available for your use and download: