Services From Professionals

The principal focus for this accounting practice is directed towards providing accounting, tax return preparation services, and financial planning for both individual clients and small business owners. Both categories of clients must be kept abreast of any changes in the tax laws that could possibly affect their tax liability. All new tax law changes could provide our clients with opportunities to use the information to their advantage. The highest priority will always be placed on client satisfaction, while simultaneously maintaining a clear focus towards improving the client's financial position or net worth.

The accounting practice activities are concurrently directed towards meeting the challenges and business requirements for small business operations. To fulfill the comprehensive requirements of the business client, the tax reporting and planning services that are provided include management consulting support.

The array of available professional services have been extended significantly to include a network of other professionals in the Atlanta, GA and Austin, TX areas. We work together synergistically to ensure that all of the required services which clients may need now or in the future are available when needed. However, there are no costs for these additional professional services until they are actually required by the client.

All of our clients should have immediate access to a team of professionals who will work with them to achieve their goals or provide their required work products (i.e. tax returns, wills, new business filings, contract laws, accounting services, accounting and financial reporting, improving the strength of their investments, wealth management etc). The firm strongly recommends that the client establish and maintain a relationship with: a) a Certified Public Accountant, b) an attorney, and, c) a financial and investment planner.

We encourage our business owners to continuously identify opportunities to reduce their operating costs, improve the efficiency of their operations and achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our experience base includes the facilitation of process re-engineering (Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, etc) projects and instructional programs which will provide the client's employees with the knowledge to identify opportunities for the improvement of the business operations while concurrently achieving significant operating cost reductions, coupled with improvements in productivity and product or service quality.

Additionally, the professional services that are offered include providing formal presentations and instructional training. These services leverage upon a vast amount of practical, operational experience in the application of the Total Quality Management (TQM) and Six Sigma techniques to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of both service and support operations. These projects have provided significant improvements in cost reductions, customer satisfaction, and operational competitiveness.