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2021 Report From the National Taxpayer Advocate-Very Important Information!!

Thursday, January 13th, 2022

The exclusive purpose for the information which is provided from this website is to disseminate information, and not to provide tax advice. 

The National Taxpayer Advocate performs several important tasks for all taxpayers – “The National Taxpayer Advocate is the head of the Office of the Taxpayer Advocate, is appointed by the Secretary of Treasury, and reports directly to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. The Advocate acts as an ombudsman for the taxpayer.”  If you are unable to contact and speak with someone at the Internal Revenue Service, contact the National Taxpayer Advocate!

The latest report is provided below.  Some of the major issues that taxpayers have been, and will be facing are:

  1.  The 2021 tax season will essentially be a “mine field” for all taxpayers;
  2.  Any form that is “paper filed” will probably not be successfully processed with issues and problems;
  3.  Any discrepancies or differences between a filed return and the IRS records and files will encounter extended or protracted processing problems;
  4.   The historical rate for telephone calls made to the IRS and the calls actually answered are ~ 10%.  Expect to have your call unanswered multiple times;
  5.   Note the “administrative recommendations to the IRS” in the report below.